About Mark

In my teens my Mum had a little mini 850 wagon that I learned to drive in. I really wanted it to go faster, and somehow managed to get hold of a book from someone on how to tune it. I played around with the SU carburettor and managed to get a bit more performance out of it. I zoomed around the back roads of West Melton in Canterbury having a great time.

Eventually I needed my own transport, and as I couldn’t afford to buy a car, I bought a little Honda motorcycle.

I have always been a bit of an adrenaline junky. I discovered hang-gliding whilst in Sydney on the first stop of my OE. I had a flat mate who was a hang-glider, heading out to Stanmore Heights for some coastal soaring. Watching him a few times and I was keen to give it a go, so I signed up for lessons and was hooked. Knowing I needed a decent bank balance behind me to really get into this sport had me applying for a job in North Western Australia. Some hard work in the Pilbarra meant I could return to Perth, buy myself a nice Moyes Mars 170 and a ute. For six months I was a full-time hang-glider, mostly coastal soaring but also some inland flying by tow-launching and chasing thermals. My most memorable moment came when flying over Shelley Beach, near Albany, Western Australia, I looked across to my right-hand wing tip and watched a sea-eagle on the glide just meters away. I’m sure I saw him/her look me right in the eye. That is an experience I will never forget.

The desire for further education took my OE to Europe for study at Hadlow College then eventually returning to New Zealand I took to my very first mode of transport, motorcycles. This became a bit of an addiction, and my ever-patient wife has kindly lost count of the different machines that have been parked in our garage over the years. For the most part I have been a (mostly) law abiding citizen enjoying touring the countryside, but I have also experienced a few rounds of drag-racing and had a brief stint at motorcycle racing. It was the motorcycle racing that was the start of “Yellow Dog Racing”. I can’t exactly say why, but when I went looking for a race bike for the Classics I found a yellow Yamaha XZ550 bike and somehow Yellow Dog just popped into my head. I was not to know that seven years later I would not only own a yellow dog but a yellow racing mini.

I am a Real Estate Agent for Bayleys Counties, based at the Pukekohe office. My job has demands at all hours of the day and lots of weekend work so making it to race day takes a lot of forward planning. My wife and I live on a lifestyle block conveniently located halfway between Hampton Downs and Pukekohe racetracks.

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