Pokeno Santa Parade

Some mischievous elves hitched a ride with Yellow Dog Racing and joined the Pokeno Santa Parade for some fun. Favourite comments from the kids watching – “This is the best day of my life!” and “That elf got runned over!”. Pure gold.

We are off to OctoberFAST!

Hitting the road on Thursday for the convoy down to OctoberFAST, stopping for a night in Taupo before hitting the track day on Friday. Excited for our first official race of the calendar!


My first racing event was a real blast. Had some ignition problems which meant I missed a few rounds but what I discovered was how amazing the camaraderie is with so many people willing to help me out.

Minis Only Track Day 26th July 2020

The Mini Car Club of Auckland put together a great opportunity to bring mini car owners together to have a go at driving the Club Circuit Track at Hampton Downs. Joined by some of the members from Mini Racing Drivers Club to be on hand for advice and some passenger rounds, it was such a great opportunity for me to have my second attempt and driving on the track. Given my first outing and had been on the other part of the Hampton Downs track, having some experience on the Club Circuit means I have had two of the three parts of the International Circuit now under my belt. Check out the Mini Car Club of Auckland’s Facebook page for some great photos and an awesome sky view taken with a drone.